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Hiatus I guess

I don’t know really. I’m just gonna be gone for who knows how long.
My laptop’s battery is shot and it won’t stay on beyond loading
my laptop’s background. It dies right after.
I currently haven’t the slightest way of getting a new battery any time soon.
I can’t really try to find a new one soon anyway cause
I’m in the process of moving back to California.

I’m typing this on a desktop computer at a hotel I’m staying at for the night.
I guess I’ll post another journal once I get a new battery or a new laptop.

See ya.


Trent Reznor

I hope the world comes to a fucking end.
Fuck the human race. Fuck reality. Fuck everything.

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if you were to become the president of the world, what is the first law you would pass?

Execute The Furries

*growls angrily and raises tail in caution*


Some how Trent Reznor gets hotter and hotter every time I see him.


Trent Reznor

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